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BalanceCO2 aims to provide exceptional Emission Management services that guide clients to their Carbon Emission goals, while balancing the challenges of Economic Endeavors, Environmental Sustainability and Efficient Management of Natural Resources
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    Waste Management
    Our combined waste management experience with GHG emission reduction knowledge can provide your organization with a complete engineering study which determines the method and feasibility of achieving GHG reductions and whether the project will be a viable source of revenue producing energy. To meet your GHG emission reduction targets, monitoring all the essential criteria to determine that the reduction are indeed occurring is paramount. The international GHG experience of BalanceCO2 waste management engineering services.
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    Farm Waste to Energy
    Today, many of the farms are specialized and much larger, some even owned by corporations. These "farm machines" are designed to produce in bulk and the farm waste problem began to mount. So much animal waste was being spread that it began to runoff into nearby stream, rivers, and other water supplies. In conjunction with these problems associated with farm waste and what do with all of it, some people began to realize how much energy is wrapped up in the waste. The anaerobic digestion of animal waste produces "biogas". Biogas is typically made up of 70% methane and 30% carbon dioxide. Since methane is easily combusted, it makes for a good source of energy.
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    GHG Advisory
    GHG emissions are quickly becoming a defining issue for organizations today. Strategies, decisions, and mode of operations are influenced by the impact of GHG emission strategies. The challenges setting strategies that meet organizations’ GHG requirements, determining project feasibility for now and the foreseeable future, accessing risk and management of those risks in terms of the GHG regime, monitoring and evaluating GHG emission reductions and turning those reductions into a marketable asset require a clear vision. BalanceCO2 has international presence and depth in the GHG emission reductions environment providing the services organizations need to guide themselves through this new and challenging environment..
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    Carbon Foot printing
    Carbon foot printing services at BalanceCO2 provide solutions to enable clients to establish the carbon footprint of their organization which can be the first step in a program to reduce their Green House Gas emissions. The foot printing process involves a detailed inventory of the type and quantity of energy used including electricity from the grid, fossil fuel usage etc. The full footprint of an organization encompasses a wide range of emissions sources from direct use of fuels to indirect impacts such as employee travel or emissions from other organizations up and down the supply chain. When calculating an organization’s footprint it is important to try and quantify as full a range of emissions sources as possible in order to provide a complete picture of the organization’s impact..
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    Landfill Gas to Energy Projects
    BalanceCO2 staff has been consulting for the last 20 years in managing Solid Waste with Engineered Solutions of: • Landfill Gas Capture • Waste Gasification And, we offer a complete range of services to complete your Waste Management Project. Whether you need an engineering study, full project implementation, partial assistance with construction supervision or complete operations and maintenance, BalanceCO2 provides the service you require.
May 24, 2010
Balanceco2 is currently working on Landfill Gas Project in State of IL USA. The project will supply electricity to local grid and generate REC
March 5, 2010
Balanceco2 Attented all-Africa Carbon Forum to be held in Nairobi, Kenya on 3-5 March 2010